Ryan is a Bubble-Gum Yellow Bird. He is friendly, not-so smart, and cheerful. He has a user account here.

Personal Data

  • Full Name: Ryan Rory Redmond
  • Nicknames: Rye (Daniel and Tyler), Ryan-Brian (Kashy), Ham On Rye (Occasionaly By Evan)
  • Affiliations: The Gang, Most good pigs, The Golden Slumbers
  • Birthday: September 27


Ryan is cheerful, care-free, and determind. He never backs down or gives in, and is always ready for a fight. Not many Bad Piggies make it past him alive. He is usually pretty calm, but some people, ESPESCIALLY Harold the Helmet Pig, push him over the edge and can make him go ballistic. He acts funny often, as he tries to hide his traumatising past behind his humour. Eventually though, he will have to face facts and accept them...


Ryan's real parents lived on nearby island, and where eaten by the Dark Beast when he was an egg, and his mother threw threw his egg into the water at the last second to save him. After floating in the icy cold water for a few hours, he obtained a disorder that turned his tummy a glowing bubble-gum color, which later proved to be his source of power. His egg then washed up on a beach, Strawdina found it, took it home and hatched him.


  • Ryan posses the Thunderblade sword, a blade very useful for battling hostile dragon-birds (like Scorn).
  • His mate is Autumn, an Orange Goggle Bird.
  • He has a somewhat crazed obsession for blowing stuff up with a TNT stick.
  • He lost a tail feather after taking a lazer to the rear (Ouch!).
  • In Angry Birds Extinction, he is Daniel Edmond Redmond's father, who he adopted.
  • Ryan can speak many languages, including: Birdenese, English, Gibberish, Dragonese, Eggstromech


  • "What the Bird?!" (Famous Cachphrase)

  • "Welcome to Angry Birds Story Wiki!" (Greeting new birds)

  • "OH, CRUD! I'M STUCK ON CAPS LOCK!" (Chat malfunction)

  • YELLOW, this is the King of Stupid Puns!" (answering phone)

  • "No, Daniel, I'm not leaving you behind!" (from Daniel Enemy Flash 2, part 4)

  • "Come on guys, my two best buds are fighting. Where do you think that puts me?" (from episode 45, Troubled Friends)

  • "C'mon, Dave. You spent  selling fireworks then had an accident, got yelled at my my mom, went crazy and tried to destroy the entire island, got imprisoned several times, sold a countless amount of explosives to deranged rogues, and now you're telling me that you want to continue? Ever hear of getting a LIFE?!" (from episode 10, Fireworks Dave returns)

  • "Look Skrull, you may have me trapped here, but you can torture me all you want. But you can't kill me." (at the end of Secrets of the Skrull Birds, part 1, leaving a cliff hanger)

  • "Don't worry, we all mess up every once and a while. So maybe we're gonna die. We still all mess up sometimes." (from episode 123, A Goggle Bird's Mistake)

  • "Relax, it'll all make since eventually. [chuckle]"


  • super speed
  • missile, lazer, and electricity deflective feathers
  • wizardry
  • taming dragon-birds
  • is only bird with ability to breathe underwater (a result of his egg floating in water for hours)


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Ryan as a Child

Ryan as a Child

General Info
Powers Many
First Level Appearance: No appearance (yet)
First Story Appearance: Ryan's Story
Gender: Male
Species: Bubble-Gum Canary
Strength: As strong as every bird combined, but doesn't always use all his strength
Birth Date: September 27