Angry Birds Matrix Bird 2


Sends extremely powerful signals to the pigs, making them pop.

First Level Appearance


First Story Appearance

Subject of Time: Episode 1




Rare Hypnotization Matrix Bird



Matrix is a bird that can send extremely powerful signals to the pigs, making them explode. His account is here.

Personal Data

  • Full Name: Matrix "Max" Cropp Birdlavonsqi (Birdla)
  • Nicknames: Max, Hypno-Bird
  • Friends: Kashy, Fast, Daniel, Ryan, Xavier, Hamm, etc.
  • Family: Flock
  • Family Heritage: Benumian
  • Languages: English, a little bit of German


Matrix is a very kind bird, but if you bug him too much, he can get real angry. He can be very gullible sometimes and even lie a lot. He used to be very clumsy when he was a little chick, but now he's very careful about what he does and tries to be as tidy as he can. Although, he can be a perfectionist sometimes, and a little OCD. He can be very sensitive, but he is trying to get over that. One last thing, he is the complete opposite of a daredevil. He is kind of a scaredy cat, but he likes it that way.


  • He really likes spicy food. He once ate a whole bag of very spicy chips without getting a glass of milk or juice.
  • He is a real nerd, and watches lots of space documentaries and science stuff. He isn't a star wars or star trek nerd, though. He likes non-fiction better.
  • He is a huge fanatic of cartography (map making). He made maps for Piggania, The Archipelago of Draberka, and many more. Speaking of cartography, he's also pretty knowledgeable about geography, also. If you give him a map of the USA and ask him to name all the 50 states, he can do it. He's pretty much mastered Europe's country geography, also.
  • He has a fascination with coding, math, and large numbers. other than space and physics.
  • He loves electronic music. His favorite electronic musicians are deadmau5Skrillex, and Omnipony.